I was watching the news the other night and something caught my eye. It was another story about lock bumping. If you have never heard the term, it actually has been around for a long time (since the 70’s actually).

Lock bumping or tapping is a way for someone to open a standard door lock without using the necessary key. It involves inserting a special key and tapping or bumping it until the key fits fully into the lock allowing it to be turned.

Now, this ‘technology’ has been around since the 70’s like I mentioned, but the problem is that the ‘knowledge’ of how to do it was kept in small circles (criminals and lock smiths). But today, with the speed of information sharing on the internet, this technique is now known by millions of people (my estimate).

It is estimated that over 90% of households in America have a lot that is not bump proof. So, when you combine the fact that lots of people know about this with the fact that just about everyone is exposed to the problem, you have increased chances of being broken into (assuming there are smart thieves out there).

There are things you can do. The obvious choice is to get a bump proof lock or a digital touchpad. That does cost more but I would think the peace of mind is worth it. Like all ‘news’, this one may never affect your situation (I certainly hope you are never a victim of a break in) but for sure, the next time you have to change the locks on your door, make sure you ask for a bump proof lock.


Weiser deadbolts

January 22, 2008

deadbolts There are quite a wide variety of Weiser deadbolts for you to choose from. They vary mostly by finish and type.

Generally, there are two types of deadbolts. A Single cylinder and a double cylinder mode. The difference relates to the way in which you lock/unlock the deadbolt. With a single cylinder, one side is locked with a key and the other side in locked manually. Double cylinder deadbolts have to be locked on either side with a key. They have no manual way of locking or unlocking them.

After you decide on single or double, the next choice option is usually the finish. And that will depend on your taste and the color of the door or other variables.

The prices of Weiser deadbolts ranges from $22 on the low end to as high as $40 or $50. Typically the single cylinder deadbolts are less expensive than the double cyclinder ones.

Weiser Powerbolts

January 22, 2008

powerbolt These are great home conveniences. I never really knew the advantage of having a powerbolt until I met my wife’s parents. We always visit them for the holidays and it is great to be able to have access to their home without having to take an extra set of keys with us.

Weiser powerbolts normally operate using AA batteries. They also usually ship with a pair of keys just in case you need a backup system.

They are very easy to install because they do not require any wiring. They will fit into your existing door hardware in most cases too. Since they are a deadbolt you also get that added protection too.

They typically range in price from $115 to $150 depending on what model you want for your home.

Weiser Locksets

January 22, 2008

locksets The are literally dozens of Weiser locksets to chose from these days. They come in both round, tulip shape or lever style handles. You can get some that are combinations of privacy locks and locksets too if you wish.

These are normally used homes for external doors. They also work fine for securing doors on your garage or shed or anyplace that you need to lock with a key.

Additionally, locksets can refer to door knobs that do not lock, like the kind that you would use for a closet or bedroom in your home. No matter if you need a locking or non-locking model, there is sure to be a Weiser lockset that suits your needs.

electronic_touchpad There are some really cool and useful touchpad locks available from Weiser. And as you might guess these types of locks are great in situations where your family members are always losing their keys. Also, if you travel a lot, have an elderly parent living with you or any other reason that you need to share access to your home without giving out keys they are great too.

Of course, the models all come with keys so if you forget the passcode you won’t be locked out of your home.

There are 2 different types of these locks. There are the electronic touchpad locks and the regular keyless touchpad locks to chose from.

The prices range from about $100 to $150 depending on the style and model you chose from. It is useful to note that some come in deadbolt varieties whereas others include a doorknob.